My Twin Sister

My Twin Sister By Rivki!

About the Author,

This is about my twin sister!

Author Quotes,

My sister and I share the same bedroom. We don’t mind it, but the poem is right. I am happy when the sky is grey but sad when blue. So it is written (to me) from my sister’s point of view.

My Twin Sister

You boss me around
and tell me what to do.
You say our room is bound
and you’re nasty when the sky is blue.
Oh mean, grumpy twin sister, just get away.
You yell and scream
even when there’s ice cream.
You say, “I’m the older sister,”
but when you say that, you stick out like a blister.
Oh mean, grumpy twin sister, just get away,
but dear twin sister, I have to say
you’re the most precious sister when the sky is gray.

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My Twin Sister

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