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Never Give Up In Life Motivational Poem

Never Give Up In Life Motivational Poem

Never Give Up In Life Motivational Poem by Anisha Joseph!

About the Author: I wrote this poem when I was struggling hard in life. I was broken and shattered as I faced many job rejections and got unexpected wounds from people whom I trusted the most. And that is when my family supported me and encouraged me to stay strong. I hope that this poem brings courage, hope, and strength to those who are at the verge of giving up. Remember you are like a volcano. You have that fire deep inside.

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Never Give Up In Life Motivational Poem

Are you losing faith?
Are you feeling low?
Are you crying out loud,
Craving to be loved?

You are stronger than you know.
Like a volcano,
deep inside you is a fire.
You’ll reach where you desire.

Remember you are precious.
You ought to shine like a gem.
Give off light,
intense and bright.

I know you’re waiting for a chance
and you have been struggling hard.
Don’t give up,
just go on.

Yes, like a volcano,
make an explosion.
Break the barrier.
Remember you are a warrior.

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