No Holy Wars For Them Poem

No Holy Wars For Them Poem By Robert Frost,

States strong enough to do good are but few.
TheIr number would seem hmited to three.
Good IS a thmg that they the great can do,
But puny httle states can only be.
And beIng good for these means standIng by
To watch a war In nominal allIance,
And when it’s over watch the world’s supply
Get parceled out among the wmning gIants.
God, have you taken cognIzance of thIs?
And what on thIS is your dIvine position?
That nations lIke the Cuban and the Swiss
Can never hope to wage a Global MiSSIon.
No Holy Wars for them The most the small
Can ever give us IS a nmsance brawl.

No Holy Wars For Them Poem

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