Our Hearts Belong To Each Other

Here is the “Our Hearts Belong To Each Other” Poem as Follows By Unknown!

Our Hearts Belong To Each Other:

I feel so strong when I’m with you
My heart’s is full of love and joy around you
You’re like my guardian angel
Watching over me all the time
I feel like I’m in heaven
Surrounded with angels around me
I know, deep in my soul,
We both belong to each other
I love you more than the stars above us
You make my eyes shine brighter than the sun
When I’m with you,
I know everything will be okay
You’re there for me when I need you
You hold me and tell me everything’s going to be okay
Your arms around keep me safe
I wish you could put your arms around me forever
And never let me go
You keep me warm and happy
Our hearts belong to each other

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Our Hearts Belong To Each Other

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