Our Military Troops

Our Military Troops Poem By Penny D. Whitwell! This is an acrostic poem; the first letter of every line spells out “Our Military Troops.” I used to be speaking to my daughter, and she was once telling me how her pleasant friend’s husband was once being deployed once more and how a good deal they have been going to omit him. That was once when I determined to write a tribute to our many men and female who serve to shield us and our country. This is my way of thanking them for all that they do and their households for their dedication and support.

Our Military Troops

Off to war in the
Utmost of places.
Racing around everywhere to

Make our lives safer here
In the United States.
Living their lives the best they can
In third world countries, fighting against
Terrorism – they have to stay
Alert to everything happening around them to
Remain safe – spending months and sometimes
Years away from

Their loved ones while
Risking their lives
On a daily basis in
Order to keep us safe – so
Please, thank a
Soldier next time you see one.

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Our Military Troops

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