Out-of-Body Experience Poem

Out-of-Body Experience Poem By Jim Crenner

This time I’m wide awake, and
it’s as vivid as pissing or
eating an olive—no dream or
near-death coma, no transcendental
levitation—just me, at fiftynine, playing in what I will soon
decide was my final softball game,
stretched out in horizontal flight
a foot above the ground, diving
headfirst for a sizzling liner,
but suddenly aware that my body,
like a drag-chute in tow, is still
back there somewhere, just starting
its dive, even as the ball passes
clean through my phantom glove of,
desire and sings on by into the outfield. Then, finally, here comes
the old life-sack, snapping back
onto me like a rubber suit, and
we’re rolling over one another
in the grass, whispering tenderly
about maybe one of those getaway
weekends, to put a little juice
back into our long, tired affair.

Out-of-Body Experience Poem

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