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Pause, Pause Poem by Kevin Prufer

Pause, Pause Poem by Kevin Prufer!

Praise to the empty schoolroom, when the folders
are stowed and the sighing desktops close.
Praise to the sixteen-hour silence
after the last chairleg complains against the tiles.
There are tracks in the snow on the sidewalk,
ice salting into the bootprints. Snow clots fall
like good advice from the branches.
See the plaid skirts ticking into the distance?
The bookbags swaying to the footfalls?
Praise to the sun. It sets like a clocktower face,
oranges over, grows. Praise,
praise to the classrooms, empty at last.
One by one, the door-bolts click
and the lightbulbs shudder to a close.
The chairs dream all askew. Praise to the empty
hallway, the pause before the long bells cry.

Kevin Prufer
from The Finger Bone

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