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Phobia of Losing Friends

Phobia of Losing Friends! Again the same question asked by our visitors! Okay, at this time I would like to share recent content as well as a few Quora answers that will help to understand “Phobia of Losing Friends”. By these answers and content, you may learn about losing someone’s Phobia and also learn about its effect on mental health! It is Dangeours or not!

Follow the above link and check the Losing Someone Phobia reality, and for public opinion, Now here are the few valuable quora answers!

So, Let’s start the content.

Phobia of Losing Friends,

  • okay you should know that if a friend really loves you and care about you..he will do whatever costs him to stay with you so this person will be by your side always..and so you will not lose this person! but if he/she doesn’t love or care about you, they will wait for a single fault from you hurt you and be far away from you and then if you lose them you must not be upset beacuse simply they don’t deserve you! you’ll find someone better than him/her dear..take care 🙂 (Answered by Nour)
  • You can confront your friends about this phobia and they might reassure you that they won’t leave and they will be aware that you are afraid, so they will be careful and supportive, and if they don’t support you, then you should find better and more supportive friends. (Answered by Max)
  • I don’t believe that is a phobia. Looks like more of an attatchment issue. Its not that uncommon to be afraid of loosing someone alot of people don’t wanna give up friends. Go with what your convictions tell you. (Answered by Michael) (Source)

So, these are the normal things to consider! It’s not a big deal to think about someone who left us! I am sure these answered will be cleared your confusion, and once again I would like to request you to read recent content about the fear of losing phobia (link are given above!).

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