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Queen Victoria Quotes I Am Not Amused

Queen Victoria Quotes I Am Not Amused

Queen Victoria Quotes I Am Not Amused!

It’s regularly claimed that Queen Victoria started the notorious quote – “We are now not amused” – to an equerry who had informed a risqué funny story (the ‘we’ in query used to be now not the royal ‘we’ however the women who have been present). The phrase has for the reason that comes to epitomize the perceived strait-laced stuffiness of each generation and its queen. But talking in an interview in 1976, Victoria’s granddaughter, Alice, Countess of Athlone, stated that Victoria herself advised her that she by no means uttered these well-known phrases at all.

In fact, if the queen’s diaries are something to go by, Victoria had an eager experience of humor and simply loved a joke. She had a “wonderful laugh” wrote Vicky of Prussia, “and grandmama regularly laughed until she was once pink in the face and even until she cried”. Her voice, says Helen Rappaport on what Queen Victoria seemed like, used to be universally admired for its sweet, bell-like tones and she had an addiction of shrugging her shoulders when she laughed.

The famous grasp of the Victorians as stern, austere, and relentlessly extreme may additionally stem from the truth that many surviving photos of the technology exhibit topics grim-faced, alternatively than smiling. During the 1840s and 1850s, explains Lloyd Llewellyn Jones, in the early days of photography, publicity instances had been notoriously lengthy and so the idea of protecting a constant grin as the digital camera carried out its magical obligations used to be too a good deal to contemplate, and so a non-committal clean stare grew to become the norm. Take a nearer appearance at pix of smiling Victorians…

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We are not amused’. Queen Victoria, who died in January 1901, is stated to have uttered this put down to an equerry who advised a as an alternative too risque story at some stage in dinner at Windsor Castle – she was once no longer the usage of the royal ‘we’ however talking on behalf of all the female present.

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