Reason and Love Poem

Reason and Love Poem!

Young Daphnis, chasing Chloë, cried:
“My beauty, wait! Don’t run away!
Just say: I love you – please don’t hide;
I swear by Venus, I won’t stay!”
“Keep silent!” Reason coldly said.
“Now say: ‘I like you’!” Eros pled.
“I like you!” sang the maiden sweet,
and love set both their hearts ablaze,
and Daphnis fell before her feet,
and Chloë dropped her flaming gaze.
“Oh flee! Oh flee!” cold Reason cried,
while crafty Eros “Stay!” replied.
She stayed. And, trembling with his love,
the happy shepherd made his plea:
“Oh look,” he said, “that downy dove
has kissed his mate beneath the tree!”
“Oh flee!” cried Reason once again;
“They’ll teach you how!” said Eros then.
And then a smile so tender spilled
across the blushing maiden’s lips,
and as her eyes with languor filled,
within her lover’s arms she slipped.
“Be happy!” Eros softly said.
And Reason’s words? Oh, Reason fled.

Reason and Love Poem

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