Seasons Teaching Poem

Seasons Teaching Poem By Antoinette McDonald! Each season has its very own set of traits that make a contribution to its uniqueness. Nature fills the traces of many poems, which can be very enjoyable to read. Often, poems about nature carry these factors to life, making a reader experience immersed in the environment.

Seasons Teaching Poem

A dark gloomy sunless start
Cold and calculating
Frost on the windows
Icy streets
Snow on the ground
Hot chocolate to be made
Another Winter day

Sun coming over the horizon
Birds singing at dawn’s first light
Green grass dusted with morning dew
Mowers mowing
Flowers blooming
Warm rain hitting the streets
Another Spring day

School’s out, kids at home
Swimming pools swarming
Air-conditioners humming
Backyard barbecues
Hot sleepless nights
Fireflies flying
Another Summer day

Leaves changing colors
Back to school night
Leaf blowers
A new brisk chill to the air
Apple cider to keep warm
Another Autumn day

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Seasons Teaching Poem

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