She Needs To Be Loved

Here is the “She Needs To Be Loved” Poem as follows By Unknown!

She Needs To Be Loved:

She cries every night,
tears streaming down her face;
She needs to be loved again,
she’s forgotten the taste,

The taste of the sweet kiss
that once made her smile;
She needs to be held again
if only for a little while.

She needs someone to talk to
when she needs a friend;
She has a broken heart
that she feels cannot mend.

She needs to be loved
forget the tears;
She needs someone who’ll be there
forever throughout the years.

All she thinks about
are the times you had together;
You both said
you would be forever.

She needs someone there for her
she knows she can trust;
This isn’t just a want
this is a must.

With all the signs of “true love”
she has been shown
She still cries at night
’cause she’s still alone.

She needs to be loved again
someone’s baby girl;
Someone who will tell her
she is his world.

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She Needs To Be Loved

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