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Spring Poem By Tracy K. Smith

Spring Poem By Tracy K. Smith

Let’s not talk
At all this morning
I have too much to say
(Language is stubborn)
And the wind is singing
Against buildings and traffic
Let’s hum softly into corners
And touch elbows
Under the table
Let’s write a musical
(I mean our knees)

Let’s get perfectly
Giddy and go into the city
(We’ll see grimy salesmen
With neckties undone
And vacuum cleaners
Slung like lovers
Across their shoulders)
Oh to hear the sirens
Of early, windy Spring
Are you still listening
Let’s not talk

You are distant and lovely
Like an imagined afternoon
And I see you this morning
As I have never seen
Fireflies in winter
Or handfuls of water
Or electricity
If I were in love
It would be with the low whir
Of memory
Rushing past and past
Like reels of a movie
Playing only for me

Let’s not talk
Till everything’s been said
(I could wait forever
This morning) though
If I mouth a word please
Remember in the Spring
You’re so beautiful like
A fat checker taxi yellow
And white we may never
Learn our lines in time
To go on maybe never O mute
With this (love) let’s not talk
For as long as day holds us
I am watching you
Shrug off sleep don’t
Say a word I’m listening

Tracy K. Smith
first published in Boulevard, vol. 12, nos. 1 and 2

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