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The Accountant Poem By Michael Blumenthal

The Accountant Poem By Michael Blumenthal

This being Cambridge, he too
(a minor in Classics from
Brandeis U.) has read Herodotus,

but now it’s no longer the cycles
of history that move him,
but the more grounded questions
of whether to file married,

filing separately, or married,
filing jointly, whether to declare
one’s home temporarily converted
to rental property, or domiciled
abroad, to partially depreciate
one’s decline, or await the single large loss
of sale in a falling market. And then
a friend tells me studies have shown
accountants to be the happiest professionals,

forever working toward some tangible outcome
in a world already codified, and I think again
of my own scribe, Don, reading the Oresteia
for no particular purpose beyond pleasure,

as he follows the unambiguous oracle,
of his ordinary occupation, delighted,
merely to ponder the possibility
that things may yet add up to add up.

Michael Blumenthal
from Dusty Angel

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