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The Ant And The Dove Kids Story

The Ant And The Dove Kids Story

The Ant And The Dove Kids Story by Anonymous!

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The Ant And The Dove Kids Story

One day an ant came to the bank of a river to drink water. The river current seemed to be high that afternoon and ant suddenly slipped and fell into the water. The ant was being swept away by the stream. The ant feared that it might be it’s last.

Thankfully, a kind dove saw the struggling ant. The dove dropped a leaf into the water so that the ant could climb into it.  The ant climbed onto the leaf. The dove then carefully pulled the leaf out of the stream to the shore. The ant’s life was saved by the kind dove.

After a few days, a fierce hunter came to the forest. The hunter saw the beautiful dove on the tree and aimed to shoot his arrow at it. The ant, which was saved by the kindness of the dove, saw the hunter aiming at his savior. Before the hunter could release his arrow, the ant bit the hunter on the foot. The hunter shouted due to the pain from the ant’s bite.  The dove was alarmed by the noise created by the hunter and flew to a safer place.

Moral: Every good deed we do for others will  come back to us.

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