The Destiny of Love

Here is the “The Destiny of Love” Poem as Follows By Unknown!

The Destiny of Love:

From the place, love was loosed at birth.
It came to live in hearts, upon this earth.

But nature has, and attribute so strong.
That nothing cupid does, can hold it long.

For destiny will scorn, a guiltless life.
With fairy tailed perceptions, wrong or right.

Cupid’s strength, although is great in power.
When nature comes, will hide inside its tower.

Predictable nature’s flesh, will one day bite.
For time is on the side, where strong resides.

When nature rears its head, love can lose its grace.
Cupid’s arrow then can fall, as if it never was in place

Now love can last, but respect for loves a must.
Nature’s greatest weapon used, an issue we call trust.

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The Destiny of Love

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