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The Donkey And The Wolf Kids Story

The Donkey And The Wolf Kids Story

The Donkey And The Wolf Kids Story By Anonymous!

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The Donkey And The Wolf Kids Story

One fine day a donkey was happily grazing on the hills that he did not notice when a wolf had crept up near him. As he lifted up his head to take a break from eating, he saw the wolf that was waiting to attack and eat him.

The donkey knew he would have to think fast if he wanted to save himself. He started crying loudly as if he was badly hurt. The wolf didn’t understand what could have suddenly happened to the donkey, so he asked the donkey what the matter was.

“A thorn has pierced my foot, will you help me take it out?” he asked the wolf.

“Why will I do that?” replied the wolf.

“Well, I am requesting it for your benefit. The thorn stuck on my foot is very sharp, so that when you eat me, it will get stuck in your throat and it will not come out. You will have to suffer through immense pain because of the thorn.”,  said the donkey.“But if you remove the thorn first and eat me second, everything will be alright”, he added.

The wolf got worried about this throat and thanked the donkey.  The wolf approached the donkey to take off the thorn from the donkey’s foot. As he went near the donkey to take out the thorn, the donkey kicked him with all his might and ran away from there as quickly as possible.

The wolf was astounded and did not realize what had happened. He realized that he had lost a few of his teeth. The wolf cursed himself for his foolishness and limped away.

Moral: Always use your presence of mind to take care of difficult situations and do not listen to others without first using your brain.


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