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The Fear Of Man Poem

The Fear Of Man Poem By Robert Frost,

As a girl no one gallantly attends
Sets forth for home at mIdnIght from a fnend’s

She tries to make it In one catch of breath,
And thIS is not because she thInks of death.
The city seems Intopplmg from a heIght,
But she can trust it not to fall tonight.
(It will be tal{en down before it falls.)
There scarcely IS a lIght In all ItS walls
Except beside a safe insIde a bank
(For whICh assurance Mammon IS to thank).
But there are lIttle street lIghts she should trust
So jewel steady In the wInd and dust.
Her fear IS beIng spoken by the rude,
And havIng her exposule misconstrued.
May I In my brIef bolt across the scene
Not be mIsunderstood in what I mean.

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