The Fisherman

The Fisherman By Abbie Farwell Brown! Abbie Farwell Brown was once an American creator who lived from 1871-1927. She lived in the equal residence her complete life, experiencing many traditions in her New England community. Brown describes the existence of a fisherman in this poem, displaying how one’s career will become such a massive section of a person’s life. The Rhyme Scheme is ABCB.

The Fisherman

The fisherman goes out at dawn
When everyone’s abed,
And from the bottom of the sea
Draws up his daily bread.

His life is strange; half on the shore
And half upon the sea —
Not quite a fish, and yet not quite
The same as you and me.

The fisherman has curious eyes ;
They make you feel so queer,
As if they had seen many things
Of wonder and of fear.

They’re like the sea on foggy days, —
Not gray, nor yet quite blue ;
They ‘re like the wondrous tales he tells
Not quite — yet maybe — true.

He knows so much of boats and tides,
Of winds and clouds and sky !
But when I tell of city things,
He sniffs and shuts one eye !

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The Fisherman

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