The Moon Love Poem

The Moon Love Poem!

Out of the clouds why do you venture,
oh solitary moon, and on,
the pillow where I lie alone
squander your melancholy splendour?
You with your gloomy visitation
awaken dreams of love, the pain
of hopeless passion, and the vain
longings of lovers’ aspiration
that reason hardly can allay.
Sad recollections, fly away!
Sleep, love that failed us both outright!
There’ll never come again that night,
when, moon, with your mysterious ray
of placid radiance, you shone
through heavy curtains on my bed,
and gentle, gentle lustre shed
upon my sweetheart’s lovely form.
Why, precious moments, did you press
with such a haste to fly away,
and shadows pale to nothingness,
extinguished by unwelcome day?
How was it, moon, your lustre fell
away in bright dawn’s radiance?
Why did the morning light advance?
Why did I bid my love farewell?

The Moon Love Poem

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