The Musician Talks about “Process”

The Musician Talks about “Process”

I learned the spoons from
my grandfather, who was blind.
Every day he’d go into the woods
’cause that was his thing.
He met all kinds of creatures,
birds and squirrels,
and while he was feeding them
he’d play the spoons,
and after they finished
they’d stay and listen.
When I go into Philly
on a Saturday night,
I don’t need nothing but
my spoons and the music.

Laid out on my knees
they look so quiet,
but when I pick them up
I can play to anything:

a dripping faucet,
a tambourine,
fish shining in a creek.
A funny thing:
When my grandfather died,
every creature sang.

And when the men went out,
to get him, they kept singing.
They sung for two days,
all the birds, all the animals.
That’s when I left the South.

Rita Dove
from On the Bus with Rosa Parks

The Musician Talks about “Process”

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