The Poetry Masters

The Poetry Masters Poem By Debra L. Brown! I have continually had a love for records of any kind. This poem displays a few of the exceptional poets in records and some of the poetry patterns they used.

The Poetry Masters

This is to all the great Master Poets of art,
Having the skills, the words, and the smarts.
Emotions you’ve captured, the thoughts you provoked.

Pouring your heart out with pen in your hand,
Orchestrating your words like no one can.
Elizabeth Browning, Dickinson, Shakespeare, and Poe,
Twain and Frost – these great ones you know.
Reflecting on their works, which have brought us to tears.
Yes, yearning for more, we felt all their fears.

Masterfully crafted their words – they can fool,
Artist on paper, their pen is their tool.
Strategy playing with rhythm and rhymes,
Touching our hearts and enriching our minds.
Experts and masters, their poems live on.
Reflecting on your memory now that you’re gone.
So, thanks for your poetry. I leave with this thought, “How do I Love Thee?”

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The Poetry Masters

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