The Responsibility Of Fatherhood

The Responsibility Of Fatherhood By Edgar Guest! Becoming a mum or dad changes many matters about your priorities and your outlook on life. In this well-known poem, Edgar Guest (1881-1959) shares how lifestyles were once earlier than young people and what modified as soon as he grew to become a father.

The Responsibility Of Fatherhood

BEFORE you came, my little lad,
I used to think that I was good,
Some vicious habits, too, I had,
But wouldn’t change them if I could.
I held my head up high and said:
‘I’m all that I have need to be,
It matters not what path I tread,’
But that was ere you came to me.

I treated lightly sacred things,
And went my way in search of fun,
Upon myself I kept no strings,
And gave no heed to folly done.
I gave myself up to the fight
For worldly wealth and earthly fame,
And sought advantage, wrong or right,
But that was long before you came.

But now you sit across from me,
Your big brown eyes are opened wide,
And every deed I do you see,
And, O, I dare hot step aside.
I’ve shaken loose from habits bad,
And what is wrong I’ve come to dread,
Because I know, my little lad,
That you will follow where I tread.

I want those eyes to glow with pride,
In me I want those eyes to see
The while we wander side by side
The sort of man I’d have you be.
And so I’m striving to be good
With all my might, that you may know
When this great world is understood,
What pleasures are worth while below.

I see life in a different light
From what I did before you came,
Then anything that pleased seemed right;
But you are here to bear my name,
And you are looking up to me
With those big eyes from day to day,
And I’m determined not to be
The means of leading you astray


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The Responsibility Of Fatherhood

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