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The Subverted Flower Poem

The Subverted Flower Poem By Robert Frost,

She drew back; he was calm:
CIt IS thIS that had the power’
And he lashed rus open palm
With the tender-headed Hower.
He smiled for her to smile,
But she was either blind
Or willfully unkind.
He eyed her for a while
For a woman and a puzzle.
He flicked and Hung the flower,
And another sort of smile
Caught up like finger tips
The comers of lus lips
And cracked his ragged muzzle.
She was standing to the waist
In goldenrod and brake,
Her shining hair displaced.
He stretched her either arm
As if she made it ache
To clasp her-not to hann;
As if he could not spare
To touch her neck and hair.
clf this has come to us
And not to me alone-‘
So she thought she heard him say;
Though with every word he spoke
His lips were sucked and blown
And the effort made him choke
Like a tiger at a bone.
She had to lean away.
She dared not stir a foot,
Lest movement should provoke
The demon of pursuit
That slumbers in a brute.
It was then her Inother~ s call
From InsIde the garden wall
Made her steal a look of fear
To see if he could hear
And would pounce to end it all
Before her mother came.
She looked and saw th6 shame:
A hand hung hke a paw,
An arm worked like a saw
As if to be persuasive,
An ingratiating laugh
That cut the snout in half,
An eye become evasive.
A girl could only see
That a Hower had marred a man,
But what she could not see
Was that thd :Hower might be
Other than base and fetid:
That the Hower had done but part,
And what the Hower began
Her own too meager heart
Had terribly completed.
She looked and saw the worst.
And the dog or what it was,
Obeying bestial laws,
A coward save at night,
Turned from the place and ran.
She heard him stumble first
And use his hands in flight
She heard him bark outright.
And oh, for one so young
The bitter words she SpIt,
LIke some tenacIOUS bit,
That wIll not leave the tongue.
She plucked her lips for it,
And still the horror clung
Her mother wIped the fOaIn
From her chin, picked up her comb
And drew her backward home.

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