The Tear Love Poem

The Tear Love Poem!

Last night behind a jug of stout,
I sat with a hussar;
and, grimly mute, I stared along,
the road, away off far.
My comrade asked: “Why, tell me, does
the highway hold your gaze?
You’ve yet to see your mates march off
along it, God be praised!”
Dejectedly I hung my head
and whispered in reply:
“Friend, she’s deserted me!…”, and then
fell silent with a sigh.
A tear rolled glistening from my eye
and dropped into the stout.
“What, cry about a girl, young lad!
Oh shame!” my friend cried out.
“Leave off, hussar!… My heart – it aches!
No pain’s touched you, that’s clear.
A single tear’s enough, alas!
to spoil a jug of beer!”

The Tear Love Poem

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