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The Times Table Poem

The Times Table Poem By Robert Frost

More than halfway up the pass,
Was a spring wIth a broken dnnkIng glass,
And whether the farmer drank or not
HIS mare was sure to observe the spot
By cramping the wheel on a water-bar,
Turning her forehead with a star,
And straining her ribs for a monster sigh,
To which the farmer would make reply,
‘A sIgh for every so many breath,
And for every so many sigh d death.
That’s what I always tell my wIfe
Is the multIphcation table of life.:>
The saying may be ever so true;
But it’s just the kind of a thmg that you
Nor I, nor nobody else may say,
Unless our purpose is domg harm,
And then I know of no better way
To close a road, abandon a farm,
Reduce the births of the human race,
And brmg back nature in people’s place.

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