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To Elvina Love Poem

To Elvina Love Poem!

Elvína, come, give me your hand, dear heart;
cut short this heavy dream that wearies me.
Speak… Will I see… Or must we stay apart,
condemned by destiny?
Shall there be no more meetings face to face?
Must all my days be veiled in constant night?
Shall we no more be caught in love’s embrace
by a new morning’s light?
Elvína, as the night’s dark hours fly by,
may I not hold you tight, my blood on fire,
gaze at you, dear, with languid, longing eye
and tremble with desire –
and then, in joy beyond all speech or measure,
listen to your sweet lisp, your gentle cry,
and drowse through pleasing night to waking pleasure,
just we two, you and I?

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