Trespass Poem By Robert Frost

Trespass Poem By Robert Frost,

No, I had set no prohIbItIng sign,
And yes, my land was hardly fenced.
Nevertheless the land was mIne.
I was beIng trespassed on and agamst.
Whoever the surly freedom tooI<
Of such an unaccountable stay
Busying by my woods and brook
Gave me strangely restless day.
He might be opening leaves of stone,
The picture-book of the trilobIte,
For which the regIon round was known,
And in which there was little ploperty nght
‘Twas not the value I stood to lose
In specimen crab In specimen rock,
But hIS ignoring what was whose
That made me look agaIn at the clock.
Then came his little acknowledgment.
He asked for a drink at the kitchen door,
An errand he may have had to invent,
But It made my property mine once more.

Trespass Poem By Robert Frost

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