Uzayr Love Poem

Uzayr Love Poem!

Which reminds me of the sons of Uzayr,
who are out looking for their father.
They have grown old, and their father
has miraculously grown young!
They meet him and ask, “Pardon us, sir,
but have you seen Uzayr? We hear
that he’s supposed to be coming along
this road today.” “Yes,” says Uzayr,
“he’s right behind me.” One of his sons
replies, “That’s good news.” The other
falls on the ground. He has recognized
his father. “What do you mean news?
We’re already inside the sweetness
of his presence.” To the mind
there is such a thing as news, whereas
to inner knowing, it’s all in the middle
of its happening. To doubters, this is
a pain. To believers, it’s gospel.
To the lover and the visionary,
it’s life as it’s being lived.

Uzayr Love Poem

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