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What is a Word Processor

What is a Word Processor? Self-Motivation

what is a word processor!

The word processor is laptop software that offers one-of-a-kind abilities past that of a textual content editor such as the WordPad software that comes as a section of Microsoft’s Windows working systems. The time period originated to distinguish textual content constructing applications that had been “easy to use” from traditional textual content editors, and to endorse that the software used to be extra than simply an “editor.” An early consumer of this time period was once Wang, which made a famous computer gadget designed especially for secretaries and every person else who created enterprise letters and different documents.

In general, phrase processors display screen the consumer from structural or printer-formatting markup (although WordPerfect and different phrase processors optionally let you see the markup they insert in your text). Without seen markup, it is viable to describe a phrase processor as having a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) consumer interface.

The most famous phrase processor is Microsoft Word, which is frequently bought as a section of Microsoft’s Office suite. However, there are a variety of different conventional and specialized phrase processors that have a person following. (Source: What is a Word Processor)

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