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What Makes a Person Creative

What Makes a Person Creative? Observation!

Observation! The power of observation is everything for being creative, the people who think to become creative, so don’t miss the oberservation. Try to observe everything and surrounding you’re, and then think out of the box! Like if you things design from another way so it will work more then now? something like this.

Having an innovative and creative mind permits us to do new and interesting things and engage ourselves in a way that takes us one step closer to achieving our full potential. Are some human beings born being creative, or is it a talent that you can improve a great deal like a muscle?

In his 1996 book “Creativity: The Work and Lives of ninety-one Eminent People!

“Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi recommended that, “of all human activities, creativity comes closest to offering the success we all hope to get in our lives.”1 Csikszentmihalyi proposes that creative people possess 10 antithetical features that have interaction with each other in a complicated manner and have an effect on one’s normal creativity. Incorporating these creative practices into your day-by-day life may also help you expand your creative potential.

So here are the 20 tips that will make a person creative as follow,

What Makes a Person Creative,

  1. You have an authority problem.
  2. You have a hard time relating with people.
  3. You like to solve problems.
  4. You think most people have poor taste.
  5. You are a people-watcher.
  6. You aren’t in it for the money.
  7. You experience emotional highs and lows.
  8. You seek inspiration.
  9. You have an interesting sense of humor.
  10. You evolve like a boss.
  11. You hate stereotypes.
  12. You don’t have a filter.
  13. You take time to think.
  14. You don’t bend to pressure.
  15. You ask lots of questions.
  16. You are your own worst critic.
  17. You ask lots of questions.
  18. You carry a notebook everywhere you go.
  19. You find beauty in the ordinary.
  20. You are numb to rejection.
  21. You understand the power of the atmosphere.

I guess skills are normal, and all these skills are in every person. If you find yourself on this list? If so, please feel free to say mention in the comments box.

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